136pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Bit Set Polishing Kits For Dremel

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136 PCS electric polishing kits for DIY polished engraving, cutting, polishing / wood, metal, mold polishing purposes.

This electric polishing kits includes grinding paste, grinding stone, sandpaper, polishing wheel, polishing paste, nylon brush,steel wire brush drill. Connecting rods, etc.
Shank diameter: 3mm
Shank length: about 35mm
Cutting piece: suitable for cutting metal
Sandpaper ring: suitable for grinding wood,
must cooperate with rubber connecting shaft to easily use
Steel wire brush: used for metal surface rust removal, etc
Grinding head: polished metal surface rust, burr
Package Included:
10 x Big sandpaper ring
12 x Small sandpaper ring
6 x Wool polishing wheel
1 x Wool grinding head
10 x Grinding wheel
3 x Steel wire brush
3 x Copper wire brush
3 x Nylon brush
2 x Polishing paste
40 x Resin Cutting sheet
12 x Sanding sheet
1 x Flap wheel
1 x Whetstone
2 x Connection clamp bar
2 x Self-tapping rod
4 x Copper Chuck
1 x Wrench
2 x Rubber wheel
9 x Grinding
6 x Dril
5 x Mesh
1 x Rubber grinding


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