1450mAh 1.2V USB Rechargeable AA NiMh Battery

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Material: ABS plastic
Capacity: 1450 mAh/section
Voltage: 1.2 V
Product size: 14.10 x 50.10 mm (and number five battery size)
Products weight: 50 g
A charged number: 400 ~ 600
Charging time: 5-6 hours charge
Use time: according to the power of the electronic products and calculate
Shell material: stainless steel clamshell
Discharge current: maximum current > 4350 mAh (recommended 1000 mAh)
Strong Elastic Retainer (so you don’t lose the cap)
Can Be Charged in Typical AA Battery Charger
Great for XBOX Controllers, Cameras, Remote Control Cars, MP3 Players, AV Remotes, Flashlights etc
Power Source: USB 5 V DC or Can be Charged by Conventional Charger

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